Jun 15


We are so excited to announce that we are now proud stockists of Romo fabrics! We have a large selection of pattern books to pick from… which trust us, will be hard as all the fabrics are fabulous!   One of the Pattern books is Cubis – A charming array of printed designs on Romo’s ever […]


Mar 13

Our Barn – Tŷ -Coch

North Wales Upholstery is based at  Tŷ-Coch cruck Barn,  one of the oldest surviving timber framed building of its kind in Wales.   The Barn is in the village Llangynhafal in the beautiful Vale of Clwyd in North Wales and dates back to 1430 when it began life as a house. The building was originally consisted of an […]


Feb 01

Quick Catch Up…

Hello Friends Well, it’s been a while but it’s definitely time for a quick catch up.  That’s all I seem to have time for these days…busy busy busy!!  Can’t complain though – since starting the business in April last year there has been a steady stream of chairs, sofa’s, chaise and footstools through North Wales […]


Aug 29

The story of Lulu – The Mid Century Armchair

Hello Friends One of those exciting things was finishing Lulu – the mid century armchair. Here’s the before shot…..   The foam inside had crumbled to dust but once the frame was bare you could see the angles and the chairs potential….     A new layer of strong canvass gives the arms some body […]


Aug 20

The Ripping Chisel

Designed for the fast, easy removal of tacks and staples.  It should be struck with a wooden mallet, not a tack hammer.  The above chisel has a strong, heavy blade ad a built n shock absorber set in front of the brass ring were the blade is joined to the handle.  The tip is ground […]


Aug 19

The Web Stretcher

The Webbing Strainer is used to make sure the webbing attached to the base of the seat is firm and will take the pressure of thousands of bottoms over its lifetime.  They are usually made from a good quality beech, 20mm thick with a 16mm diameter dowel peg. I tried to import a video from […]


Aug 18

The Tack Hammer

An upholstery hammer (also called a tack hammer) is a lightweight hammer usually with a hickory handle used for securing fabric to furniture frames using tacks or small nails.     I love mine – regardless of the number of vicious attacks it has made on my thumb. It’s magnetic at one end so you […]


Denbigh and Flint County Show

Hello Friends Yesterday was a corker!  I was demonstrating at the Denbigh and Flint Show and it was great!     You can see the piece I was working on in the background.  It’s a very funky 50’s chair that originally looked like this:     The lovely client, Karen, chose some Romo (Arran) zig […]


Jul 11

Margaret – The Victorian Drop-Arm Sofa

Allow me to introduce you to Margaret, the Victorian Drop-Arm Sofa I like to give the pieces I work on names so I can talk to them while I’m working….well…it’s a lonely old job upholstery you know!  Margaret got her name because she’s so heavy – the Iron Lady.  Margaret’s owner has had her for […]


Jul 08

Selling Chairs to Trendy Chorltonites

Fellow Upholstress Laura from Laura’s Attic invited me to join her at the Beech Road Festival in Chorlton this weekend and we had a gorgeous day for it! Before I started to specialise in traditional upholstery I bought several modern chairs to practice and experiment on so this was the perfect opportunity to give them the TLC […]

This Is What Our Clients Say
Thank you so much for a thoroughly enjoyable day on Saturday.  You are a fantastic teacher and I really want to continue learning more upholstery skills.I absolutely love my footstool as do Alun and Cathryn who keep pinching it!!!Please let me know once you've decided on future workshops you will be running as I'd love to come if I can.Thanks again for everything.
Thank you so much for a thoroughly enjoyable day on Saturday.  You are a fantastic teacher and I really want to continue learning more upholstery skills.
Quick email to let you know how thrilled I am with the seats -I keep going into the dining room to look at them! - Mary

Thanks so much for all the time and guidance you were able to give on the course, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Also thank you for being so flexible, it was your flexibility that actually enabled me to do the course!

I'd give more than five stars if I could! As someone who knows nothing about upholstery - Michelle was able to advise every step of the way. The end product - my Melin Tregwynt chair exceeded all my expectations - the husband has now claimed it as his own!
Gemma Neale
So after only 2 sessions of upholstery classes , I think I may be hooked!  I have already been scouring eBay to see what potential other projects I can get my hands on.  Really enjoying the classes so far thanks!